Figure A7.C4.F1. Contract Status Questionnaire

Contract Status Questionnaire
Contract: ____________________ SPIIN(s): ____________________
Contractor: ____________________    
Organization Contacted:(check one) ____ACO ____PCO ____Contractor 
Name ____________________ Tel: ____________________
Fax: ____________________ E-Mail: ____________________
1. _____

Determine from PCO/Technical Code if contract is Material and Service complete.

If so, as of what date? If not, what is ECD?

2. _____

Determine from ACO if closeout efforts have begun. If not, when shall the contract become "overaged?"

If already complete, obtain copy of DD Form 1594 and final mod.  No further questions.

3. _____

Determine from ACO/PCO if DCAA has audited overhead rates, if required.

4. _____

Determine from ACO/PCO if there is any ongoing/pending litigation related to this contract.

5. _____

Determine from ACO if contractor final invoice has been received and processed.

For cases where the final invoice may be a credit, ensure payment has been made to the USG.

6. _____

Determine from ACO if contractor has signed form releasing USG from further liability.

7. _____

Determine from ACO if GFM has been disposed of, if appropriate.

8. _____ Determine from ACO/Technical Code if contract redetermination has been completed, if required.
9. _____

Determine from ACO when issuance of the DD Form 1594 is anticipated.


Completed by: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________