Abbreviations Definition
AAAccounting Activity
A-BillsActual Delivery Performance Reporting
ACCPAccelerated Case Closure Procedures
ACOAdministrative Contracting Officer
ACRNAccounting Classification Reference Number
AECAArms Export Control Act
AFCAdverse Financial Condition
AORArea of Responsibility
BOBlanket Order
BPCBuilding Partner Capacity
CAOCase Administering Office
CASContract Administrative Services
CBLCommercial Bill of Lading
CCCICase Closure Certificate Inventory
CCSACase Closure Suspense Account
CFDCountry Finance Director
CFICumulative from Inception
CFMCountry Financial Management (DSCA organization)
CLINContract Line Item Number
CLSSACooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement
CMCase Manager
CMTContract Management Team
CONUSContinental United States
CORContracting Officer's Representative
CRSContract Reconciliation System
DAASDefense Automated Addressing System
DCDirect Cite
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DCASDefense Cash Accountability System
DCDDFAS Corporate Database
DCMADefense Contract Management Agency
DCWDFAS Corporate Warehouse
DFARSDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service
DIFSDefense Integrated Financial System
DISAMDefense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DLODenver Liaison Office
DODefined Order
DoDDepartment of Defense
DoDFMRDoD Financial Management Regulation
DONDepartment of Navy
DOVDisbursing Officer Voucher
DSAMSDefense Security Assistance Management System
DSCDelivery Source Code
DSCADefense Security Cooperation Agency
DTCDelivery Term Code
DTSDefense Transportation System
EAExpenditure Authority
EACCEnhanced Accelerated Case Closure
E-BillsEstimated Delivery Performance Reporting
EDA(1) Excess Defense Articles
EDA(2) Electronic Document Access
EDIElectronic Data Interface
EXCOMExecutive Committee for Case Reconciliation and Closure
FAAForeign Assistance Act
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FICSFMS Integrated Control System
FMFinancial Manager
FMFForeign Military Financing
FMR(1) Financial Management Review
FMR(2) Financial Management Regulation
FMSForeign Military Sales
FMSOForeign Military Sales Order (CLSSA)
FPAFinancial Policy and Analysis (DSCA organization)
FRAFunded Reimbursable Authority
FRBFederal Reserve Bank
FSNFederal Stock Number
FTCFinancially Troubled Case
GBLGovernment Bill of Lading
GFEGovernment Furnished Equipment
GFMGovernment Furnished Material
GLAGeneral Ledger Account
IAImplementing Agency
ICPInventory Control Point
ICSIn-Country Service
IHCInhibitor Code
IPCIndirect Pricing Component
KOContracting Officer
LOALetter of Offer and Acceptance
LORLetter of Request
LSCLogistic Support Charge
MASLMilitary Articles and Services List
MDEMajor Defense Equipment
MILDEPMilitary Department
MILSCAPMilitary Standard Contract Administration Procedures
MILSTRIPMilitary Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures
MIPRMilitary Interdepartmental Purchase Request
MNDMinistry of National Defense
MOCASMechanization of Contract Administration Services
MOSMode of Shipment
NCNon-Recurring Cost
NCVNet Case Value
NLANotice of Last Action
NRCNon-Recurring Recoupment Charge
NULONegative Unliquidated Obligation
OAObligational Authority
OACOperating Agency Code
OCONUSOverseas Continental United States
OPROffice of Primary Responsibility
OSDOffice of the Secretary of Defense
OUSD(C)Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
P&APrice and Availability
PC&HPacking, Crating and Handling
PCH&TPacking, Crating, Handling and Transportation
PCOProcuring Contracting Officer
PDProblem Disbursement
PEProgram Element
PEMProgram Element Monitor
PMProgram Manager
PMLProgram Management Line
PMRProgram Management Review
PMTSCHDPayment Schedule
POA&MPlan of Action and Milestones
POMProgram Objective Memorandum
PTCPositive Transaction Control
PTRProblem Trouble Report
RCRAResponsible Contract Reconciliation Agent
RDDRequired Delivery Date
RDT&EResearch, Development, Testing and Evaluation
RICRouting Identifier Code
RSNRecord Serial Number
SASecurity Assistance
SAFRSecurity Assistance Foreign Representative
SAMMSecurity Assistance Management Manual
SAPSimplified Acquisition Procedures
SATODSecurity Assistance Technical Order Data
SBASpecial Billing Arrangement
SCSecurity Cooperation
SCOSecurity Cooperation Officer
SCRTStandard Contract Reconciliation Tool
SDAFSpecial Defense Acquisition Fund
SDRSupply Discrepancy Report
SDWShared Data Warehouse
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SOSSource of Supply
SSCSupply/Services Complete
TAType of Assistance Code
TBCTransportation Bill Code
TCLTTransportation Cost Look Up Table
TCVTotal Case Value
TDYTemporary Duty
TOTravel Order
TRCTransaction Reply Code
ULOUnliquidated Obligation
UMDUnmatched Disbursement
USAUnited States Army
USAFUnited States Air Force
USASACUnited States Army Security Assistance Command
USCUnited States Code
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USGUnited States Government
USNUnited States Navy
VTCVideo Teleconference
WAWFWide Area Work Flow
WCDWork Completion Date
WCFWorking Capital Fund
WIPWork In Process