Table A7.C4.T2. Direct Final Closure (Closure Type '1' and Closure Type '3')

Check Item


Case is SSC.


No inhibitors for the applicable closure type exist.


IA is the same in all systems.


Case status is the same in all systems.


LOA document designator (e.g., A01, M03) is the same in all systems.


Total case/line values are the same in all systems.


Net case values are the same in all systems.


Total above and below the line charges do not exceed total case value certified for closure.


Total delivered accessorials are validated.


Delivered articles and services costs are less than or equal to OA


Delivered quantities for all LOA lines are reconciled among DIFS, DSCA 1200 and IA systems. "E-Bills" are converted to "A-Bills".


Actual CAS and LSC validated as follows: Progress Payment CAS = Delivered CAS = Disbursed CAS; Delivered LSC = Disbursed LSC.


No problem disbursements exist. No associated corrective obligations exist.


Total performance equals total disbursements.


Progress payments are in balance in all systems and equal liquidating deliveries.


OA is the same in all systems.


OA is reconciled to obligations.


Contract lines and other funding documents are verified as completed/closed out.


Any and all SDRs accepted were closed.


No litigation actions are pending.


IA accounting and paying systems are reconciled (or variances are appropriately documented), and non-FMS financial appropriations are reimbursed, as appropriate.


All expenditures are processed, all commitments and obligations are liquidated and expenditures equal obligations.


Delivered articles and services value less CAS and LSC equals obligations certified in IA accounting systems.


All closeout documents are stored in FMS case files or electronic equivalent.