Table A7.C6.T4. MOCAS Financial Subsystem Data Elements

Element Description

Basic Contract Data Record

Includes contractor name and address, type of contract, progress payment recoupment/liquidation rates, effective date, buying activity, etc. One record per contract.

Accounting Data Record

Includes the ACRN, Fund Code, Limit, and all other long line of accounting elements, ACRN obligation amount, ACRN ULO, accounting station, etc. One record per ACRN.

Contract Line Item Record

Includes the CLIN, quantities ordered, quantities shipped, and quantities accepted, unit price, purchasing unit, inspection and acceptance sites, etc. One record per CLIN.

Shipment Schedule Record

Includes the CLIN, ACRN to be used for payment, ship-to/mark-for codes, scheduled delivery date, etc. There may be multiple schedule records per CLIN record.

Shipment Record

Includes details concerning shipments made by the contractor. Includes shipment numbers, CLIN and quantity shipped, quantity accepted, date accepted, etc. One CLIN per record, multiple records per shipment number.