Date Changes

July 21, 2021

  • DSCA Policy Memo 21-42, Prohibitions on Certain Third-Party Funds has been posted.

    This memorandum updates the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM), Chapter 9 as detailed in the attachment to clarify and further define policy related to prohibitions on certain third-party funds as outlined in the reference. This SAMM change specifically adds language further defining third-party funds; clarifies that there are prohibited sources for third-party funds; advises where to find a list of certain sources in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR); advises that using a prohibited funding source may delay or stop progress of a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) case; and informs FMS Partners how to seek clarification on U.S. policy regarding third-party funds.

    This memo updates Chapter 9 by updating C9.7.1. National Funds, and adding subsections . C9.7.1.1. Private or Third-Party, and C9.