Date Changes
July 20 - 26 2012
  • DSCA Policy Memo 12-42 Revised Notes for Communications Security (COMSEC) Enhanced End-Use Monitoring (EEUM) has been posted.

    This change to the SAMM deletes the EEUM note for Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI) and revises existing COMSEC EEUM notes to distinguish separate requirements for NATO Members, Australia, and New Zealand from those for other countries and international organizations for both normal FMS LOAs and Building Partner Capacity Program (BPC) pseudo-LOAs.

    From this memo Table C5.T2. and Appendix 6 have been updated.

  • DSCA Policy Memo 12-36 Guidance Concerning Closure of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Cases with Open Contracts has been posted.

    In Nov 2011, policy was approved to allow the closure of Building Partnership Capacity (BPC) cases with underlying open contracts that have no unliquidated obligations (ULOs) associated with the case because of the cancelling funds nature of these cases. This memorandum expands that policy to include FMS cases that are closed using the non-accelerated case closure procedures. FMS cases that are closed using accelerated case closure procedures can already be closed with open contracts with or without ULOs.

  • DSCA Policy Memo 12-34 Establish Nonrecurring Cost (NC) Charge - BLU-113 A/B Bomb has been posted.