Date Changes
July 27 - Aug 2 2012
  • DSCA Policy Memo 12-38 Compressed, Rapid Acquisition, Fielding and Training (CRAFT) has been posted.

    Approved by the Secretary of Defense on 25 July 2011 as a Security Cooperation Reform Task Force (SCRTF) initiative in the Phase I Report, CRAFT is intended to be a formal process for handling urgent partner nation capability requirements that cannot be addressed fast enough through existing FMS procedures.

    CRAFT is not meant to be a universal remedy for capability delivery and would only be used when the Secretaries of Defense and State agree that extraordinary means are necessary and justified to fulfill urgent partner nation requirements.

    Together with the Special Defense Acquisition Fund (SDAF) and an improved Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process that is more anticipatory of partner nation capability requirements, CRAFT could help build partner nation capabilities through the accelerated delivery of urgently needed defense articles and services.

  • An administrative update was made to C5.4.11. Quality Control of LOA Documents. to correct the table link.