ESAMM Features:

Site was designed to maintain similar look and feel to the 2012 ESAMM site.

  • Simple user navigation
  • Drop Down menu bar
  • Main landing page showing recent updates
  • Linking back to the main website


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Enhanced Site Search:

The site now has an internal advanced search allowing the user to specify the content of the ESAMM they want to look in. To use the advanced search:

  • Click on the Search menu.
  • Click on “Advanced Search” under the keyword box.
  • Select the content types you wish to limit your search to.

The sub-menus under the main Search option will show the user:

  • Recent searches that other users have performed on the site.
  • Popular content that other people have been viewing on the site.


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The site now includes an expansive archive of previous editions of the SAMM and MASM. To use the archive:

  • Click on the SAMM Archive menu and select a previous edition to view the available files.


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Policy Memo Status

The Memo Status is now available on the individual memo page:


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