Memo Date DSCA # E-Change # USP # Memo Title PM Status
DSCA 98-Stinger MANPADS 98-Stinger MANPADS Stinger Approved Revised Stinger/MANPADS Guidance in DoD 5105.38-M, Security Assistance Management Manual Superseded
DSCA I-98-079527 I-98-079527 Changes to the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM), DoD 5105.38-M Superseded
DSCA I-98-078536 4 I-98-078536 Approved SAMM Change Relative to CLSSA Liability Unknown
DSCA I-98-071926 3 I-98-071926 Approved Changes to DoD 5105.38-M, Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) Suspended
DSCA I-98-077059 I-98-077059 Logistics Support Charge (LSC) Assessment for Nonstandard Requisitioning System Transactions Superseded
DSCA I-98-075139 I-98-075139 Non-recurring Costs for Improved Weapon Systems Superseded
DSCA I-98-075366 I-98-075366 Defense Security Assistance Management Systems (DSAMS) Development Active
DSCA I-98-071225 I-98-071225 Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) transportation coding for Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) Items Superseded
DSCA I-98-072261 1 I-98-072261 DoD 5105.38-M, Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) changes. Suspended
DSCA I-98-064488 I-98-064488 Recovery of Costs to Repair or Replace Damaged or Lost Leased Items Active