Date Changes
October 27 - November 02, 2019
  • DSCA Policy Memo 19-40 Special Bill Arrangement Notification on the Letter of Offer and Acceptance has been posted.

    Effective immediately, all Foreign Military Sales (FMS) partners with Special Bill Arrangements (SBAs) will see the following statement (see text in the policy memo) on Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOAs) that are billed in accordance with a SBA instead of the standard DD645 issued by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

  • DSCA Policy Memo 19-50 Updates to Special Defense Acquisition Fund (SDAF) Inventory Reporting has been posted.

    DoD IG recently determined that DSCA is not reporting the value of the SDAF inventory in the annual financial statement. To correct this problem, DoD IG recommended that DSCA update the SAMM to require the IAs to report the value and location of all SDAF inventory. This e-SAMM change adds three additional data points to the IA quarterly reports section in Table C11.T21 "SDAF Inventory."

    This memo revises Table C11.T21. - SDAF Inventory Report.